Scientific Support
The development of communicational materials that are intended for the medical community requires of professionals who are properly trained on medical writing, technical translation, and copywriting. In order to achieve our purposes, we are constantly working together with the aim of generating documents, contents, graphic and multimedia materials that include:
Technical and sworn translations in various formats
  • Our team of sworn translators is highly-specialized on the development of scientific materials.
Promotional, training and coaching materials
  • Medical literature, tutorials, and all type of support materials for pharmaceutical sales representatives (PSR).
Clinical and market research support services
  • Counseling and support for the design and creation of clinical trial documents (CRF, ICF, CSR); conduction, documentation and reporting of studies, data analysis and surveys; statistical analysis.
Scripts (audiovisual, interactive and graphic materials)
  • The impact of audiovisual communication leads us to the creation of contents that can be adapted to different formats.
Medical writing and scientific publications
  • Consensus conferences, monographs, articles, posters, minutes, presentations and events' chronicles.