Graphic Design
We develop materials in editorial, advertising, and digital formats, incorporating scientific accuracy in every piece of work and effectiveness on communication. Our team of visual communicators is specially focused on brand application and it offers its expertise in order to bring it to life.
Development of a visual corporate identity, the brand's guidelines, and its application
  • A strong brand is built from the consistent handling of its graphical identity
Comprehensive support for events and campaigns: setting, stands, and visual communication
  • Design and production of printable materials, banners, corporate signage, and 3D design applied to stands
Editorial developments
  • Brochures, catalogs, vademecums, and any type of medical fascicules
Promotional materials
  • We are in charge of designing and producing communicational materials at the points of sale.
Graphical production and special printable materials
  • We believe that design and graphical production are part of a comprehensive service