Full coordination of a scientific congress


Our client, a multinational laboratory, contacted us in order to carry out the full organization of a pre-marketing scientific workshop that lasted for one day, and that they needed to conduct before launching a product for the treatment of melanoma.

The event took place in the Sheraton Hotel in Pilar and included lectures by international speakers, presentation of clinical cases, and development of a scientific publication.

Before the event

  • Selection and hiring of the right location: room area, catering service, setting and technical equipment
  • Joint preparation of the agenda with the client
  • Contact and invitation of national and foreign speakers: flight booking, accommodation and travel allowances
  • Notification of the event to the guests included in a predefined list provided by the laboratory
  • Design and production of materials: invitations, certificates, credentials, gifts

During the event

  • Review and correction of presentations along with the speakers and the laboratory
  • Coordination of technical aspects: sound, video shooting, interactive voting system
  • Translation performed by certified interpreters
  • Preparation of a presentation including the conclusions of each round table meeting, for it to be discussed at the end of the day

After the event

  • Preparation of a final report in English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Quantitative analysis of the surveys and review of the main concepts discussed at the event
  • Development of 1 interactive CD with the presentations given by the speakers
  • Development of 1 promotional brochure with questions and answers based on the expressed opinions
  • Development of 1 poster and a scientific publication agreed upon with the group coordinators

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Development of a regional training program for sales force


With the aim of training the sales force for the launching of a new treatment for melanoma, our client asked us to develop a complete regional training program that included training manuals, an eLearning CD and webcasts.

The preparation of the training program involved a thorough analysis of the clinical needs of the product, and the writing and translation of the medical contents plus its adaptation to various digital formats.


  • Translation of 6 scientific manuals for the training of sales force
  • Adaptation of contents for educational and promotional purposes
  • Design, layout, and printout of materials
  • Drafting of an executive summary that consists on the collection of the most important aspects so that these can be submitted to the upper management of the company

E-learning CD

  • Adaptation of the materials in correspondence eLearning format: contents, activities, learning assessments
  • Design, programming and physical production of CDs
  • Translation and adaptation of the contents in English and Portuguese


  • Adaptation of contents in audiovisual presentation format
  • Recording and speech edition based on the developed presentations
  • Development of virtual seminars for them to be used at the regional level by the sales force from foreign countries

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Organization of a regional forum for experts


We invited over 30 specialists in colorectal cancer to attend the first Expert Forum that was held in the Colonia del Sacramento city. We were responsible for the whole organization. The event, which lasted for 3 days, turned out to be very successful and productive, since it allowed us to create materials of scientific value, and professionals from Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile were able to share their experience, which was our client's main objective.

Logistic and operative coordination

  • Presence of national and international specialists
  • Full coordination of transfers, tickets, accommodation, and various needs of the participants
  • Hiring of the proper location in Sheraton Hotel in Colonia: room area, catering service, setting and technical equipment
  • Tasting of Johnnie Walker whisky

Development of scientific materials

  • Coordination of round table meetings according to specific lists of topics
  • Creation of minutes of the plenary meetings and writing of conclusions
  • Writing, edition, design, and printout of exclusive scientific material, including the main aspects discussed during the Forum

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