Thanks to our deep knowledge of the formal aspects of the industry, we are able to organize internal and corporate events in a comprehensive manner, and to offer creative and innovative proposals that include:
Comprehensive development
  • All-inclusive events or events individualized by service. We organize events in a comprehensive way and we offer support at all different stages.
Full communication support for conferences and stands
  • Communication and broadcasting of activities is as important as the activities themselves.
Coordination of product launching and thematic events
  • We generate innovative ideas for the events to have a greater impact.
Training, team-building and day-out activities
  • We develop events that are focused on change management, knowledge, and work environment with Human Resources (HR) support.
Advisory Boards
  • We organize breakfasts at work with the purpose of bringing opinion leaders together for them to discuss a specific medical subject. We also generate scientific materials based on the conclusions reached at the meeting.