Pharmaceutical Marketing
We have ample knowledge of the features of the industry, which allows us to take efficient marketing and communication actions directed to the medical community (ethical component), sales force (trade), and the massive audience (OTC). This service includes:
Integral development of stands and support activities for fairs and exhibitions
  • We offer all-inclusive services for stands or we participate in the different independent stages.
Creation of corporate gifts, merchandising, materials for exhibitions, and points of sale
  • We promote the impact of the medical event through the creation of innovative gifts.
Promotional and awareness campaigns
  • We develop comprehensive promotional activities in the public space and in the points of sale.
Participation in medical conferences and sectorial events
  • We work with the brand's presence in conferences at many different ways and in many levels.
Product launching, brand activation, press campaigns
  • We work in a comprehensive manner in order to enhance the brand's presence in the memory of the consumer.